Nothing launches Ear (stick) against Apple AirPods

After the Ear wireless headphones (1), then the Phone smartphone (1), the young British brand Nothing founded by Carl Pei (co-founder of OnePlus) is coming back to the fore with a third product. This is not an opportunity to introduce a new type of product for Nothing since it is once again TWS headphones.

The Nothing Ear (stick) take care of their appearance with an always singular design made of transparency at the level of the stem. This goes all the way to the charging case whose shape is inspired by lipstick tubes, with the addition of a twist opening allowing access to the headphones.

However, the Ear (stick) do not represent an upgrade compared to the Ear (1) which could be stamped Pro in comparison. At least that is the case based on the fact that the active noise reduction is no longer in the game and they are no longer silicone ear tips.

With bass lock technology

The Ear (stick) have a design semi-in-ear and weigh 4.4 g. They are equipped with larger speakers with 12.6mm diameter and Nothing highlights custom transducers. A development that therefore took place internally for sound adjustment as desired by the brand.


A technology of bass lock measures the size of the ear canal using a microphone. It detects bass loss and automatically adjusts the headphone EQ for compensation. With three microphones, the Clear Voice technology is improved and allows more filtering of background noise. Nothing suggests a reduction of 31 dB.

The commands for controlling playback or even volume are made by pressing on each earphone (via the rods). The settings and functions for the Ear (sitck) are directly integrated into the smartphone Phone (1). Otherwise, the features are available in a Nothing X app for Android and iOS.

Bad surprise for the price of Ear (1)

Nothing Ear (sitck) wireless headphones are IP54 certified. They support Bluetooth audio codecs AAC and SBC. Their autonomy is up to 7 hours of music listening and up to 29 hours with the charging case. The latter provides 2 hours of battery life with 10 minutes of charging.

The Ear (stick) will be available from November 4 on and November 9 on Amazon at a price of 119 €. Nothing says it has sold 530,000 copies of its Ear headphones (1) since their launch.

If the Ear (stick) land at 119 €, the Ear (1) will at the same time see their price go from 99 € to 149 €.


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