No, Rémi Gaillard did not steal a DeloRean replica from a Breton collector

The story started a few days ago with the broadcast of a message from a man living in the Côtes-d’Armor. In his video, the one who calls himself Victor Deguérande begs the clemency of comedian Rémi Gaillard, asking him to bring back his vintage car that he loves so much. The car in question is a replica of the DeloRean, a mythical car well known to all fans of the trilogy. Back to the future. The man accuses the Héraultais of having entered his private museum located in Ploeuc-L’Hermitage, in the Côtes-d’Armor. The victim explains that he filed a complaint after this theft, stating that the hidden camera specialist is clearly identifiable on the CCTV images.

To convince, he even brandishes the supreme index. A message left by the thieves on which we can read: “I bring it back to you for yesterday. It was signed Rémi Gaillard with a logo It’s by doing anything that you become anyone, ”says Victor Deguérande in his video. Except the whole story was made up and no DeloRean was stolen. Explanations.


Victor Deguérande is indeed the owner of a DeloRean. Originally from the North, the man recently settled in Brittany and opened a small private museum there around the film Back to the future. In 2019 he bought this rare vehicle in Germany. Contacted by 20 minutes, the man explains that it was Kevin Pike, special effects supervisor of Marty McFly’s adventures, who found and prepared the vehicle for him, making the car a rarity. Several press articles published in recent years attest to the existence of DeloRean in Brittany. Rémi Gaillard released a photo showing him in front of the prestigious vehicle. But it doesn’t seem to have been stolen, just rented.

Victor Deguérande tries to explain that he “was woken up on the night of September 4 to 5 by alarms in his museum” alerting him to an intrusion into the DeloRean storage area. Except that when he arrives there, the car is supposedly no longer there. “I live ten minutes away. By the time I got dressed, they were gone”, tries to explain the owner, specifying that there is “no trace of break-in”. All the more strange that the thieves should have put the car on a plateau before quietly fleeing.

“It’s a fake”, warn the gendarmes

Anyone who presents himself as a victim then goes to the Moncontour gendarmerie to file a complaint. Problem ? No record of this complaint in law enforcement records. “It’s a fake. There has never been a complaint or theft. We had the owner about it yesterday [mardi 20 septembre] “, explains the head of the brigade. The story has, however, benefited from a few coverage in the press. One of them was even commented on by the comedian himself.

Recently, Rémi Gaillard posted a video suggesting that the mythical car is in Montpellier. In the middle of a stormy sky torn by lightning, a vehicle seems to appear. “Surreal scene tonight in Montpellier: a flying car in the middle of the storm? The DeLorean from Back to the Future? “Writes the comedian.

Before adding: “After the hoax on the UFOs, I am sure you will not believe me”. Rémi Gaillard is referring to the trap he set for the media last year about alleged UFOs observed in the sky of Occitania. This hoax was however invited to the JT of 13 hours from TF1. A way, according to the author, to alert on the processing of information by the media.

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