“No innovations at Apple”: Samsung once again mocks its competitor

A few days before the official presentation of the iPhone 14, Samsung unveils an advertisement extolling the merits of its new in-house products, such as the Galaxy S22 Ultra and the Z Flip 4. Without forgetting to tackle the Apple brand.

In just thirty seconds, Samsung attacks Apple on several points: its absence on the foldable smartphone market, the quality of its photos, and… the ability to take photos of the Moon.

Buckle up for Apple’s latest launch”, reads the ad. “You are entering a world where heads are turning, but not in your direction. A world where the highest resolution of a smartphone will be in someone else’s pocket. And that epic moon photo that gets all the likes won’t be yours“.

These innovations aren’t coming to an ‌iPhone‌ near you anytime soon.“, concludes the advertisement.

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