Never seen ! A pizza festival in Algeria

Culture – The first edition of the pizza festival was launched this Saturday in the wilaya of Skikda, in northeastern Algeria. A first within the Algerian territory! Dzair Daily tells you more about this in its Sunday, September 11, 2022 edition.

Indeed, the very first edition of the pizza festival, baptized “La Pits”, was launched yesterday at Place 1er Novembre in downtown Skikda, Algeria. She saw the participation of 100 preparers from different wilayas of the country. For the curious, do not miss the rest of the details in the following lines. It happens just below.

In fact, it is the first time that a festival of this kind has been organized in Algeria. This should last two (2) days. It will then be marked by the organization of three (3) competitions. The first two took place during the first day. They concern the category of under 18 years and that of amateurs.

While the last competition took place during the second and last day of the festival and gave way to professionals as well as specialists in the preparation of pizzas. The three winners in each category will win prizes of the best Pizza »of better taste » and of better shape “. The media Homeland News relates the information.

Pizza festival in Algeria: Internet users react

The jury made up of three (3) specialist pizza makers from the wilaya was invited to taste the different pizzas of the candidates. They will then have to choose the winners. Furthermore, for Zoheir Hamimas, head of the company pub Car, it is a way of proposing new ideas that fall within the framework of the promotion of tourism.

The idea, in any case, seems to appeal to Internet users, since on social networks some have found the idea brilliant. “Oh! great move” On the way to Skikda! or even “How to apply? “, can we read among the countless comments.

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