Netflix, Spotify, Apple Music… how inflation is driving up the price of streaming services

One by one, streaming services are announcing price increases, either approved or planned for 2023. Tech&Co takes stock of the subscriptions of the main platforms which are announcing increases.

The end of cheap music? The twilight of affordable series? In short, streaming subscriptions are increasing one after the other. And for the platforms that are still resisting, 2023 should spell the end of our hopes. Because yes, almost everything will increase.

Video streaming


Netflix was one of the first to draw. The increase in its prices took place in August 2021. To compensate, the video giant will offer a cheaper offer but with advertisements.

Essential: 8.99 euros (+13%) per month (a simultaneous screen and a low SD)
Essential with ads (available November 3): $5.99 per month
Standard: 13.49 euros (+17%) per month (two screens simultaneously and one HD)
Premium: 17.99 euros (+13%) per month (four screens simultaneously and HD or even ultra HD quality)

Prime Video

Amazon’s service also increased its prices on September 15.

Standard: 6.99 euros (+17%) per month or 69.90 per year (+42%).
Student: 3.49 euros (+17%) per month or 34.96 euros per year (+45%).


Despite its good momentum, the Disney service has also warned that its prices will rise in the United States on December 8. If no communication has been made for France, it is difficult to believe that France will escape it.

Standard: 8.99 euros per month (potentially 10.99 euros in December)

In the United States, an offer with advertisements will be available at a price of 7.99 dollars per month. It has not yet been confirmed for France.

Music streaming


It will also take out a little more money to listen to music. This is particularly the case of Apple Music which announced new prices at the end of October.

Voice (only with Siri): 4.99 euros (stable)
Student: 5.99 euros (stable)
Individual: 10.99 euros (+10%)
Family: 16.9 (+13%)


The French platform has already made price increases last January.

Premium: 10.99 euros per month (+10%)
Family: 17.99 euros per month (+20%)
Student: 5.99 euros per month (stable)


The world number announced at the end of October its intention to increase its prices, without giving details. Nevertheless, some countries have already cashed in on this increase, giving an idea of ​​what awaits the French.

Personal: 9.99 euros month
Duo: 12.99 euros per month
Family: 15.99 euros per month (17.99 euros in some countries)
Student: 4.99 euros per month (5.99 euros in some countries)

Thomas Le Roy Journalist BFM Business

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