Netflix: 9 horror series ideal for Halloween!

news culture Netflix: 9 horror series ideal for Halloween!

In this fall season, the editorial staff invites you to prepare for Halloween in the best conditions! We offer you a taste of horror and suspense with 9 series available on Netflix, to concoct an unforgettable evening full of emotions.


  • 28 Days of Terror
  • Ash vs Evil Dead
  • Bloodride
  • Dark
  • Kingdom
  • Stranger Things
  • sweet home
  • The Haunting of Hill house

28 Days of Terror

Reality TV 28 Days of Terror immerses us in the heart of a paranormal experience, according to the theories of Ed and Lorraine Warren, famous investigators with parapsychic faculties. They have inspired many horrific works, including Annabelle, from the Conjuring series. Here, three teams decide to spend almost a month in a haunted place to unlock its smallest secrets. Six episodes, directed by Joe Berlinger, take us to the United States within the framework of these observations. The series is available from October 21 on Netflix.

Ash vs Evil Dead

A nod to the Evil Dead franchise, Ash vs Evil Dead brothers and directors Raimi puts on the table new delirious proposals with a style of special effects reminiscent of the 90s. True to the post, we find Bruce Campbell in the role of Ash Williams, wacky and popular in his interpretation. Hero in spite of himself, he will have to save the world from the forces of evil, thirty years later. Broadcast between 2015 and 2018, the series was canceled after three seasons for lack of audience. A remake under the title of Evil Dead Rise, signed Lee Cronin, is scheduled for April 2023 on HBO Max.


Created by Kjetil Indregard and Atle Knudsen, Bloodride is a Scandinavian Black Mirror that mixes fantasy and horror, through a strange journey aboard a bus, accompanied by its passengers, the main protagonists of the series. Different plots highlight humanity’s worst mistakes in modern Norwegian society under different segments. The first six episodes make up the one and only season. The staging leads us to meet a character once he gets off the bus to then discover his story. Atypical visuals and a fairly short format make this program an effective Halloween event.


Dark is the first Netflix original series written, produced and shot in Germany, and directed by Baran Bo Odar in 2017. Screened in world premiere at the Toronto festival, the series is acclaimed by critics. Dark offers a journey through time that plays with the chronology of events and puts us face to face with the disappearance of a twelve-year-old child, actively sought in his hometown. A family drama that repeats itself, in equally mysterious circumstances… With three seasons, the butterfly effect is guaranteed!

  • All about Dark on AlloCin√©.


Originally from South Korea, Kingdom is an alternative to The Walking Dead that renews the genre with a completely different atmosphere. Kim Seong-hun produces a work that is above all historical, closely analyzing Korean society during the feudal era. The series, which has two seasons, is illustrated by a quality aesthetic, but offers on the screen a very graphic and brutal violence. Horror is definitely present in Kingdom, with the spread of a cursed epidemic, turning the dead into wandering creatures. A situation that follows with horror the wave of Covid-19 that has impacted us in recent years. The spin-off movie Ashin of the North is ideal for discovering the origins of the drama that strikes this universe.

  • All about Kingdom on AlloCin√©.

Stranger Things

Star of the Netflix catalog, we suggest you follow Stranger Things, a horror science fiction series created by the Duffer brothers in 2016. The disappearance of a young boy leads to many twists and turns in the town of Hawkins, in the state of Indiana. A mixture of influences, coming from the 80s, anchors the series in this era through its music, its costumes and its sets. We also see subtle references to Evid Dead or Dungeons and Dragons over the episodes. Note that season 5 is in production, to the delight of fans.

sweet home

This South Korean production is a live-action adaptation of the webtoon sweet home. Fantasy and horror cover the strange story of Cha Hyeon-soo, a lonely and depressed young boy following the death of his family. He lives in a building infected by a rare virus transforming his neighbors into monsters. A gory series along its ten episodes shot behind closed doors, topped with a quality staging. There are themes strongly linked to the health crisis of 2020 which led to the confinement of a large part of the population.

The Haunting of Hill house

The Haunting of Hill house is an adaptation of the famous novel by Shirley Jackson published in 1959 The series dwells on a great mystery around a haunted house in the United States. Director Mike Flanagan brings us an anthology of qualitative terror and cleverly departs from the original story. This Netflix Original mixes skill and subtlety in an ingenious scenario, perfectly illustrating the fears and traumas experienced by the protagonists. Little sister of the first season, The Haunting of Bly Manor comes as a sequel with a whole new plot. There is a reinterpretation of the novel The Turn of the Nut by Henry James, telling the story of ghost stories while renewing the theme of the haunted house. We find at the head of the poster Victoria Pedretti, also star of the series You on Netflix.

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