NASA prepares to hit an asteroid

In a few days, the American space agency will test humanity’s ability to deflect the trajectory of an asteroid. “But let’s be clear”, notify the site immediately IFL Science, no threat from space weighs on our planet: “Currently, no known asteroid has a trajectory that intersects with Earth, not even the one that is the subject of this mission, but it is better to be prepared for this eventuality.

The mission was baptized “Dart”: this English word meaning “dart” is here the acronym of “Double Asteroid Redirection Test” (“Redirection test of a double asteroid”). The metaphor chosen by NASA is not due to chance: it is a question of aiming at a target and coming to file a machine made by man there. The target in question is Dimorphos, an asteroid 160 meters in diameter – “one and a half times the length of a football field”, pointed out The evening. Dimorphos is 1.2 kilometers in orbit of Didymos, a cousin 780 meters in diameter. This two-asteroid system is located about

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