Mister V slams Lil Yachty after pizza concept plagiarism

Today we all know the “delamama pizza”, these frozen pizzas launched by Mister V more than six months ago. Proclaimed “diamond pizza”, with more than 700,000 sales in just three months, Yvick’s creation was a real commercial success. But this pizza idea would have crossed the Atlantic.


It’s Lil Yachty’s turn to launch his own pizza brand. To announce the news, no particular video or communication for the Atlanta rapper, a simple Instagram post was published. Three different flavors are available at all Walmarts in the United States (one more than Yvick’s lineup).

Mister V came across this launch and was quick to quip about the situation. On Twitter, he publicly announces that he wants to face Lil Yachty in a boxing match at the Rungis sports hall. Proposal remained unanswered from the Atlanta rapper…

In addition to a tweet, Yvick responded directly under Lil Yachty’s Instagram post to offer him, this time, a confrontation in the Carrefour de Montreuil parking lot. Mister V just wanted him “fart the mouth” but the translation of his message by the social network decided otherwise:

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