Meghan Markle: Change of head for the Duchess of Sussex, the result is hot

Since entering the British royal family (and coming out almost immediately), Meghan Markle has proven that she has a sense of style. Each of his appearances is scrutinized and worked on like never before. But this time, the Duchess of Sussex has also decided to tackle her hair appearance. The beautiful 41-year-old brunette went through the hairdresser box and took advantage of the new recording of her podcast Archetypes to reveal the canon result of this physical change.

Alongside her two guests of the day, including Kasiopa, a star life coach on social networks, Meghan Markle posed and formalized her brand new appearance. If usually, the mother of Archie, 3 years old and Lilibet, 1 year old, favors the hair raised in a bun, she decided to display a less strict style by releasing everything.

The Duchess of Sussex’s hair has grown well. Meghan Markle unveiled her long and smooth cut that won everyone over. In the comments section, there were many compliments about Prince Harry’s wife: “These 3 girls are in the place, with grace and style!”, “A queen”, “Meghan, my wife”, “So beautiful”, “Breathtaking”, “Magic.”

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