Mathieu (Love is in the meadow) separated from Alexandre: he makes a radical decision!

Matthew and Alexander met on the show ” Love is in the meadow “. These two men met two years ago, during the fifteenth season of the program. For the two lovebirds everything went well. Until at their breakup, recently. Shortly after that, on September 12, 2022, Mathieu revealed some big news.

The program “Love is in the meadow”

Broadcast on M6, the program has existed for more than 17 years now. The first episode was broadcast on September 8, 2005. As it presents one season per year, we are now in the 17th season. The latter has already started since August 22.

The objective is specific. The ADP allows farmers to find a spouse. It’s also a reality show, because the show organizes filmed meetings. Meetings between candidates looking for love.

At the beginning of the year, the photos of the participants are published. This year, the first publication was on February 14, 2022. After the publications, viewers are free to send messages to the farmer of their choice. At the end of the show, the farmer invites the supposed chosen one to his farm. The public can then follow the evolution of their relationship.

Alexandre and Mathieu (Love is in the meadow): the good old days

Mathieu participated in the show. A bull breeder, he entered “Love is in the meadow” in 2020. He had found his soul mate. The lucky winner is Alexandre. The two were a couple and became famous. Many people fell in love with the couple, like Karine Le Marchand, the presenter of the show.

This last sympathized with the two men. We can even say that she is in the list of fans. She was also present during the wedding. Yes, Alexandre and Mathieu got married on Saturday June 26, 2021. After this important step, medically assisted procreation was in the program. The couple planned to expand the family. Unfortunately not everything went as planned.

Alexandre and Mathieu: “It’s a blow”

Critics had not reached them, the couple seems to flourish and lived joyful moments. Alas, the relationship which started very well in the show “Love is in the meadow”, sank. Their relationship took a new turn this month. This Monday, September 12, 2022, Mathieu announced that they were divorcing after two years together:

“Today, we separate, by mutual agreement. Well, we call each other every day. We lived two extraordinary years, really. We did a lot of trips. But at one point, Alexandre had trouble finding his place.

Matthew explained the reasons for this separation. He says that Alexander needed a quieter life. The latter wanted a less disturbing life. He wants a stable and classic existence. The farmer does not hide that this situation breaks his heart.

“It’s a massive blow. It’s more of a decision on his part. »

But while only a few days have passed after this bad news, Mathieu is again out of silence. And this time, he announces good news.

” Love each other “

After the rain comes the good weather. Mathieu, candidate for the show “L’amour est dans le pré” two years ago, demonstrates this to us. After his divorce, on Instagram, he revealed on Monday September 12, 2022, photo of their book cover to both of them.

“Let’s love each other, or how two men who were opposites live the most beautiful of adventures”.

In the caption he wrote

“Number one in sales. Simply thank you. The link to order it is in our Instagram bio on the 1st page. Love each other “.

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