Mask Singer – “It’s ridiculous”, “what’s the point?”, “I don’t understand”: this rule of the show annoys viewers

Mask Singer is back this Tuesday, September 13 with a new episode of the fourth season. On the program for this episode, full of surprises but also inconsistencies, according to Internet users. Here is what they blame the show for.

The investigation continues in season 4 of Mask Singer, on TF1. This Tuesday, September 13, Vitaa, Jeff Panacloc and his famous puppet Jean-Marc, but also Kev Adams and Chantal Ladesou are there to try to guess who is hiding under all these disguises. And there is still work to do! The Knight, the Bride, the Turtle, the Monkey, the Pharaoh, the Elephant, the Dalmatian or even the Spy are yet to be unmasked.

For this new episode, many surprises await you, with, first of all, the arrival of the Bear. The little (or big) newcomer has a unique role: he will remain on waivers throughout the competition. The goal? Not to be eliminated, of course, and to stay in the competition as long as possible despite this additional difficulty. The second surprise of this episode is not on the candidates but on the children: the episode is dedicated to them and the latter even take power. To each character, they give clues that can be very useful. A physical description or even drawings of the candidate without his disguise are made by the children.

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Public decisions misunderstood by Internet users

Despite these novelties, viewers have a say in the rules. Indeed, the first duel between the Monkey and the Knight helps the jury to discover the identity of the Monkey. They are convinced of it: it is Alizée in this disguise. If they had hesitations between Jenifer and Alizée, they are now convinced that it is not the singer who participated in Star Academy. However, during the vote, the public chooses to keep the Monkey… even if his identity is practically unmasked while that of the Knight remains unclear. According to Internet users, this decision makes no sense since the merit went rather to the Knight, who managed to cast doubt on his identity. The suspense would therefore be limited… and they don’t like that. This rule, they say, defeats the purpose of the show.

Internet users, tired, do not understand. They are even more surprised when the same thing happens during the duel between the Dalmatian and the Elephant. If doubt remains about the identity of the Dalmatian, the jury is convinced that the Elephant is Keen’V. And yet… it is the latter that is guarded by the public. So, regulation problem or illogical public?

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