Mask Singer – “I don’t believe it!”, “All my childhood!”, “Nice shot of TF1”: David Hasselhoff hides under the Cobra, shocked Internet users

In the 3rd issue of “Mask Singer”, David Hasselhoff surprised the whole audience by hiding behind the Cobra mask. (TF1 screenshot)

This Tuesday, September 6, “Mask Singer” is back with the broadcast of the 3rd issue of this season 4, on TF1. Alongside Camille Combal, Chantal Ladesou, Vitaa, Jeff Panacloc & Jean-Marc and Kev Adams continue their investigation to unmask the personalities in their costumes, each more extravagant and creative than the next. And among the celebrities unmasked tonight, there are two stars, including an international star! Behind the Cobra mask hides an American star who surprised viewers enormously!

Drop the masks! This Tuesday evening, TF1 is broadcasting the third episode of season 4 of “Mask Singer”… with Camille Combal in better shape than ever! From the first seconds of this new show, the host wanted to “discuss” the clothing of an investigator: Kev Adams. The comedian indeed wore a (very) colorful shirt which earned him the comparison to Francky Vincent! Not enough to disturb the historical investigator of the program who, alongside Vitaa, Chantal Ladesou, Jeff Panacloc & Jean-Marc, is determined to unmask the eight remaining personalities. This evening, investigators and viewers will have to try to unmask two new stars hidden under the costumes of the Bride, the Knight, the Turtle, the Monkey, the Pharaoh, the Mouse, the Dalmatian and the Elephant… but also Cobra, an international star who made the trip only for an express survey on the occasion of tonight’s prime!

VIDEO – Discover Kev Adams’ Minute

“There they are strong!”

After the unmasking (and the departure) of Marion Bartoli, Yoann Riou, Marianne James and Frédéric Diefenthal, the investigators attend several face-to-face meetings but above all have their eyes riveted on the magnificent Cobra costume! In the first magneto dedicated to the international star, we learn in particular that this personality knows Europe well but France less well (she can however say “I love you my love”), will soon be on tour, would be a fan of the arts martial artists, has more than 40 gold and platinum records, has signed several film soundtracks, participated in several musicals… This star has also sung in front of a million people at once, sold more than albums that Michael Jackson (once!), performed all over the world and she is particularly proud to be associated with historical moments. Small detail revealed at the end of the magneto: it has its star on Hollywood Boulevard. Thanks to the spy, we also know that this personality is from Los Angeles. While investigators and tweeters were thinking of Sting, the broadcast of the second magneto totally turned the cards around. We learn in particular that this star is a representative of pop culture accustomed to being overexposed to the point of obtaining a world record. She also has several strings “to her knight’s bow”, is friends with Leonardo DiCaprio and is known to have worn a black leather jacket, sported a beautiful brushing and an “ultra bright” smile. She says she lived her life “at 2000 an hour…”. So many clues that allowed Jeff Panacloc to mention a new name: David Hasselhoff. Chantal Ladesou, she remains convinced that it is Mick Jagger who hides under the mask of Cobra. After performing “My Way” by Frank Sinatra, the Cobra finally unmasked: it was indeed David Hasselhoff who participated in tonight’s show!

The American actor, known for his roles in the series “Baywatch” and “K 2000”, has also made a career in music as a singer. He was also a judge on the show “America’s Got Talent” from 2006 to 2009. The world record mentioned during the magnetos corresponded to his status as “World’s Most Viewed Man” awarded by Guinness World Records in 2011, thanks to the success of the series “Alerte à Malibu”. Internet users were obviously very surprised to find the 70-year-old American artist in the French version of “Mask Singer”!

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