Mask Singer 4 – The Spy Unmasked: Jeff Panacloc was on the right track!

This new and fourth season of Mask Singer is definitely full of surprises. The first personalities have already been unmasked, such as the Baby, the Gingerbread, the Mouse, the Koala, the Genie, as well as the international star who came to play out of competition for one episode. It was David Hasselhoff. And for the first time, a spy infiltrated behind the scenes of the show. Clues about him have been revealed to guide the quartet of investigators, made up of Vitaa, Jeff Panacloc, Chantal Ladesou and Kev Adams, in their search.

It’s someone famous, someone famous, who would have liked to be in your place“, had entrusted the host Camille Combal to his comrades of the jury. Behind the scenes, the flagship host of TF1 had also discovered that the Spy was wearing a 45. Then, thanks to surveillance videos of him searching the dressing rooms of the candidates, it was revealed that the Spy had inadvertently left behind him his keychain bearing the image of Jean-Marc, the puppet of ventriloquist Jeff Panacloc. Finally, viewers were able to discover that he was both a fan of Chantal Ladesou, whose face is his phone wallpaper, but also a close friend of Kev Adams. An accomplice also reminded him by SMS to be wary of the comedian he knows well.

On social networks, the name of Jarry has been cited very often. He was sworn to Mask Singer the first three seasons, hence his desire to be in the place of the investigators, he is also the director of Jeff Panacloc’s last show, which would explain the Jean-Marc keychain, and he is the accomplice to both Chantal Ladesou and Kev Adams. Jeff Panacloc thought of Tom Villa this Tuesday, September 13, just moments before the identity of the spy was revealed to viewers.

And it was indeed comedian and radio host Tom Villa, as predicted by Jeff Panacloc who once again got it right! Tom Villa then joined the investigators to help them find the other characters.

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