Marie Gillain mother of two girls: their first name is very original, she explains why

Tonight on M6, Marie Gillain has to face a narcissistic pervert in the film To insanity. A scenario very far from her reality, since she is living a waking dream with her darling: the Franco-Italian actor Christophe d’Esposti. Together, they are parents of a daughter named Vega, born in 2009. A first name that surprised, and which she had justified in an interview with the parental magazine magicmom.

“We wanted a first name that was strong, that had a tonic femininity, and it suits her very, very well”, she explained. “Vega”designates a constellation, but also a fiery horse and a fertile valley in Spanish”, reports the magazine. The 45-year-old Belgian actress, who recently took advantage of her free time to spend a few days with her family in Gironde near Cap Ferret, is also the mother of Dune, born in 2004 from her previous relationship with musician Martin Game.

At the end of his dreams

Here too, the first name is surprising. She turned to this original first name after having dreamed of it, in the literal sense of the term. “It was a very abstract apparition in one of my dreams”, she explained, always for Magicmom. The magazine specifies that this first name has “of Germanic origins and designates a small hill. In France, it is uncommon: less than 350 people bear it. The first name Vega is at least as rare in France and can be in line with Spanish first names”.

As a reminder, Marie Gillain is a confirmed actress. Revealed by the film My father, this heroshe was twice nominated for the César for Best Actress for her roles in The Hunchback (1997) and All our desires (2011). She is also the holder of two Molières, obtained in 2015 thanks to her role in The Venus in Furs, a play adapted for the cinema by Roman Polanski two years earlier. Note that she was recently at the Angoulême Francophone Film Festival alongside Jean-Paul Rouve and Gregoire Ludig to present the film The Cadors by Julien Guetta.

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