Manon, 13, already named winner by tweeters

Screen capture TF1 direct/The Voice kids

Manon, future winner of The Voice Kids? In any case, this is what the tweeters who were in front of TF1 this Saturday, September 3, 2022 thought. The powerful voice of this 13-year-old girl has particularly captivated the coaches, as well as the Internet users who are already predicting a great career for her.

TF1 broadcast this Saturday September 3, 2022 the continuation of the blind auditions of The Voice Kids. For the past few weeks, coaches Julien Doré, Patrick Fiori, Louane and Kendji have been judging the performances of apprentice singers aged 15 years maximum. And the least we can say is that the emotion was there this Saturday for them as well as for the viewers.

It all started with the passage of Léa, 9 years old, from Yonne, a big fan of Julien Doré. “He’s funny and his songs inspire me,” said the one who explained to make curls to look like his idol. The little girl logically chose to perform one of her songs, the title “We”, accompanied by her father on the guitar. And from the first notes, the emotion was visible on the face of Julien Doré, who turned around first. “When I write this song, I think of your generation, to make sure that the world in which you will grow up is as beautiful as possible”, he explained, with tears in his eyes before being chosen as coach by the seed of singer.

Barely time to recover from this adorable meeting that Julien Doré and his coach friends had to continue listening to talent. Manon, 13, appeared in front of them a few minutes later with the title Lovely. A very technical song in English originally performed by a duo, Billie Eilish and Khalid. Very quickly, Patrick Fiori and Kendji turned to her pretty, surprisingly powerful, deep and slightly broken voice. And the latter did not hide his astonishment to discover that it was a girl and not a boy as he had imagined. Finally, it was the four coaches who ended up pressing the button in an attempt to convince Manon to join their teams.

“Your voice was torn on micro-moments. There was something absolutely sublime in these cracks and it is very, very rare”, addressed Julien Doré to him. “You have an incredible voice,” said Kendji. Louane, she was especially stunned by the young age of the talent. But among all the coaches, it was Patrick Fiori who best proved his motivation by arguing longer than ever. “Your voice is like clear water […] I was overwhelmed by all this sweetness and freshness. There was an elegance, something very protective […] You are all the elements at once”, he said, unstoppable. The coach was even more directive than usual as he fell for this talent: “I don’t want you to leave this plateau without giving me this chance, I would really like it. […] I would do everything I could to not let you pass”. see in her the future winner of the season, but also a future star of the song!

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