Lyons 7th. Akapico, pizza differently

When you have a mom pizza maker, it’s hard not to succumb to the call of pizza. However, Corentin Le Bezvoet began by developing a major bakery brand in France, then in New York.

On each side of the Atlantic, the situation is the same: customers want to personalize their pizza, and what is on the menu never satisfies them 100%. So back in France, the 30-year-old trained at the Mamamia Scuola (school of the Lyonnais pizza maker Jordan Tomas), with the aim of opening his concept where everyone could compose the pizza they want to eat.

Pizza in the shape of a skateboard

This is why on the Akapico menu there are only six recipes offered; if you don’t like them, just make your own: local vegetables, French or Italian PDO cheeses (here we work with real parmigiano reggiano and Italian mozzarella), French meats… The second particularity of these pizzas is their shape , elongated, like a skateboard.

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If this shape raises questions, customers should be reassured, the dough weighs the same as that of a 33 cm round pizza. “They are easier to eat than round pizzas and just as garnished”, says the pizza maker.

This nod to street art can also be found on the walls of the pizzeria: fresco by Yandy, pizza recipes drawn on skateboards… and every month, exhibitions by street artists from Lyon come to dress up the sign, currently the Toki brothers. with the characters in the form of a capsule and with only one eye.

If he takes no commission on sales, Corentin Le Bezvoet prefers to organize events where he raises funds for the association Les Héros des hostos, in favor of children with cancer or heavy pediatric pathologies, from the Léon-Bérard center. But the native Breton also donates 1% of his turnover to the Lyon association throughout the year. A pizzeria-gallery, which is not afraid to break the codes of the profession.

126 rue Sebastien-Gryphe, Lyon 7e.
Every day, except Sunday noon.
Our opinion : 3.5/4
Prices. Pizza from 8.90 to 11.90 euros. Pizza unlimited ingredients: 13.90 euros.

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