Lucy Vincent, neurobiologist: “Walking makes you smart!”

In It all starts with the body, neurobiologist Lucy Vincent claims that our brain is governed by our physical activity. A fascinating book that should give us energy.

Lucy Vincent, who loves the plasticity of our brain, had already sifted through the effects of love on our neurons, then of dance on our memory. This scientist today praises the power of movement on our brain.

Madame Figaro – You say right away: “It is the brain that is at the service of the body.” We have long maintained the opposite, asserted that our brain directs our body, valued the psyche. Are you proposing a revolution?
Lucia Vincent. – It’s revolutionary, indeed! Many recent scientific discoveries bear witness to the fact that the body is our conductor. A few years ago, the existence of the “second brain” was discovered and the presence of neurons that line the intestine and the esophagus were detected. We already knew that the sport was useful to fight against depression. Today, I go further by saying that everything begins with the body. It is movement that drives neural connections in the brain…

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