Love is in the meadow: Shock break for a farmer… who has already found love! (SPOILERS)

Season 17 of Love is in the meadow coming to an end. After several weeks of adventure, it’s time for Karine Le Marchand to take stock with the candidates looking for the ideal person. In the next episode, expected on November 7 and already available on Salto, the host will notably meet Sebastian.

The charming Corsican pig breeder had chosen to invite the confident Perrine and the fragile Leah at the end of the speed-datings. Two women with diametrically opposed characters, which caused sparks. Indeed, the three-way cohabitation turned out to be a nightmare for everyone because from the start, the atmosphere was very tense between the two contenders, until a big clash broke out. Everything had calmed down when Sébastien dismissed Perrine, explaining that he had a more pronounced fondness for his rival Léa. Once alone, the farmer and the pretty brunette had been able to quietly begin their idyll and we left them thinking that it would last.

However, it is alone that Sébastien appeared in front of Karine Le Marchand for the balance sheet. With Léa, he finally broke up very quickly. “I called him and told him: ‘Léa listen, I’m not going to come to Alsace, it’s not going to do it, I don’t have this feeling that tells me that we’re going to go further‘. And I told her that I hope she’s happy, that she finds the right person for her because she deserves it but it’s not me“, he confessed.

Sebastian has found love again

The experience Love is in the meadow will therefore not have been fruitful for Sébastien but, never mind, he had another surprise in store for the host: He’s with someone ! It even makes “two, three months“that he flourishes with a certain Charlene, 32 years old. “Right after Leah“, therefore deduced Karine Le Marchand. And for Sébastien to confirm by explaining the circumstances of their meeting: “A friend asked me for a helping hand to move and that’s where I met her best friend who lives 1 hour from my home in Corsica.

The farmer was then proud to confide that today he is a man “lover“.”For me, it’s the right one! She’s the top girl who gets along with everyone, we started looking for an apartment together. (…) I hope it will work and that it will continue like this“. That’s all we wish for him!

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