Love is in the meadow: Big fight between Alain and Jean-Noël, that’s what started it all! (SPOILERS)

The 17th season of Love is in the meadow at his best. Every Monday, Karine Le Marchand follows, with M6 viewers, the adventures of farmers and their suitors. And the least we can say is that this edition is full of tears and clashes. At the end of the episode broadcast on October 3, a teaser was unveiled. In this extract, the tone is raised between Alain and Jean-Noël, both came to seduce Alain. But what are the reasons for this altercation? The answer is in the next episode, already available for broadcast on Salto!

Warning, spoilers! After the unexpected departure of his suitor Gilbert, the 58-year-old calf breeder finds himself with Alain and Jean-Noël. In order to get to know them better, he suggests that they spend some time at the restaurant, as a trio. Installed at the table, the suitor with whom he shares the same first name asks him the program for the next day. The farmer indicates that he intends to go to the market in the morning and that the departure is scheduled for 7 am. “Are we going with you or are we doing something else?“, asks Alain. A question that annoyed Jean-Noël: “Me, I want to go, you do what you want, but I’m going!“His response, perhaps slightly aggressive, made his competitor react, who indicated only “ask the question“.”Zen“, then loose Jean-Noël. This word made Alain explode: “I’m zen, but I don’t have to be cut!

After this first argument, the atmosphere is tense between the two suitors. And while Jean-Noël tries a joke, Alain gets annoyed: “I can speak to him ?” And his rival to outbid: “I don’t want to say, but from the start you’ve been doing it to me!“The farmer struggles to relax the atmosphere. Fearing that they will explode in the middle of the restaurant, he tries as best he can to ease the tension. But nothing helps…”But calm down!“, he ended up swinging. An evening that certainly did little to help Alain in his choice, he who was counting on this dinner to see things more clearly…

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