Love is in the meadow

À  the occasion of a weekend '  Rome, Laurence and Jean had all the trouble in the world à  be understood.  (M6 screenshot)

During a weekend in Rome, Laurence and Jean had great difficulty in making themselves understood. (M6 screenshot)

This Monday, October 31, Karine Le Marchand presents the 11th episode of season 17 of “Love is in the meadow”, on M6. Tonight, love comes out of the meadow and the farmers fly off to new horizons to pursue the (potential) start of their romance with their suitors. Jean, who has never traveled in his life, is preparing to spend a romantic weekend with Laurence, his suitor, in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Rome. For the young couple, this romantic destination is a great first. The opportunity to offer Internet users a great moment of television.

“Weekend in Rome.” Etienne Daho’s hit would have been the perfect soundtrack to Laurence and Jean’s stay in the Eternal City. This Monday evening, Karine Le Marchand presents episode 11 and the 17th season of “Love is in the meadow”, on M6. Since the start of this new season, Jean seems to be living his best moments. The 59-year-old farmer has probably found love in Laurence’s arms, after two marriages that unfortunately ended in failure. Over the episodes, the couple touched and amused viewers. We remember in particular a very surprising scene which took place in a jacuzzi… After having discovered the living environment of his suitor as well as his relatives in Charente, this evening, Jean is preparing to leave his farm to a romantic weekend in one of the most beautiful cities in the world: Rome.

At the start of the episode broadcast this evening, the Beaujolais cattle breeder and his beauty discover at the last minute, at the airport, that they are going to put their suitcases down for a weekend. Suitcases, of course. From the start of the show, Laurence and Jean discovered the principle of baggage drop-off and did not expect to have to part with their luggage so quickly. It must be said that this is a great first for the Beaujolais cattle breeder and his sweetheart: they have never traveled by plane. After a moment of apprehension once on board, during the trip, the lovebirds exchange. Jean longs for only one thing: the legendary Italian ice cream. “We’ll see if I’m happy once I’ve tasted the ice cream!” he launches to his dear and tender. As the flight attendants make an announcement (in Italian) upon landing, Laurence confides to Jean: “It’s Spanish: gracia!”. A promising start in Italy. Anyway, in less than two hours of flight, the young couple sets foot on the Roman pavement and can thus begin to enjoy all the beauty of the Eternal City.

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“Next time, we have to send them to Creuse”

As soon as he arrives in Rome, Jean calls his taxi and asks: “You Italian?” For her part, Laurence replies “Okay” when the taxi driver asks her if this is the first time she has been to Rome. Obviously very patient, the driver indicated the wifi password of his vehicle to the couple of Frenchies. To which the 56-year-old municipal employee replied: “Okay, candy?” The beginning of what will be a long journey of misunderstandings and misunderstandings between the couple and the taxi driver. After discovering their hotel room and its XXL bedding, the lovebirds sat down on the terrace of a typical trattoria in the heart of Rome. When discovering the menu, Jean discovers with amazement that it is written… in Italian. “There’s practically nothing in French! How are we going to choose?” he laments in front of his suitor. These punchlines, these moments of incomprehension and this great (and touching) first for the couple obviously delighted many twittos this evening.

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