Londoners no longer allowed to drop off orange jam sandwiches

London’s Green Park, where thousands of bereaved Britons flock, prohibits the deposit of certain gifts. In particular the Paddington soft toys and the sandwiches that accompany them.

Not all tributes are necessarily welcome. In London’s Green Park, where many Britons flock to pay tribute to the memory of Elizabeth II, it is now forbidden to deposit certain gifts. Including jam sandwiches and stuffed animals with the effigy of the Paddington bear.

Since the death of the monarch, which occurred on Thursday at the age of 96, a space dedicated to commemorations has been set up in this park in central London, located near Buckingham Palace. The officials of the Royal Parks, the eight main parks of the English capital, published a press release on their official site in order to give certain directives:

“No gifts or artifacts will be accepted, and we ask the public not to bring any into the parks. Non-floral items, such as teddy bears or balloons should not be brought. Nonetheless, cards will be accepted and regularly withdrawn by the Royal Parks teams.”

Ecological measures

Lighted candles are also prohibited there, and will be “extinguished and regularly removed”. In addition, for ecological reasons, the public is asked to “remove all packaging from the flowers and throw them in the baskets provided for this purpose.”

In fact, several British media relayed videos this weekend showing the crowd of citizens joining the gardeners of Green Park to remove the plastic packaging around the flowers.

These details come as many stuffed animals bearing the image of Paddington Bear, hero of a British series of children’s books which has been the subject of several film adaptations, have been deposited. Since the character is fond of orange jam sandwiches, some people brought them in small insulated bags, so they too were banned, according to the DailyMail.

popular sketch

These sandwiches and stuffed animals are a nod to a skit recorded by the queen on the occasion of her platinum jubilee last June. She shared tea there with Paddington Bear, who took a jam sandwich out of his hat to offer it to her. “I keep mine in there,” replied the queen mischievously, taking a sandwich from her purse.

The character’s official Twitter account also paid tribute to the queen with a message published the day of her death: “Thank you, madam, for everything”, could we read.

The funeral will take place on September 19

The disappearance of the Queen of England has plunged the United Kingdom into a period of national mourning. Besides Green Park, citizens flocked to the castles of Balmoral, the site of his death, Windsor and Buckingham to lay gifts there.

With his demise, Prince Charles officially became King Charles III. The funeral is scheduled for Monday, September 19. the DailyMail specifies that the floral tributes will begin to be removed between seven and fourteen days after the funeral.

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