LIVE – Elizabeth II: the Queen’s coffin enters Westminster Hall, where it will be on display until Monday morning

The Queen’s coffin is greeted by the Archbishop of Canterbury

Shortly after the Queen’s coffin arrived at Westminster Hall, the Archbishop of Canterbury began a short service.

For four days, Britons will parade around the clock to pay their last respects to the Queen.

The Queen’s coffin enters Westminster Hall

The Queen’s coffin entered Westminster Hall, the oldest part of the building.

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II arriving at Westminster Hall, September 14, 2022, in London © Screenshot

From 6 p.m., the British will be able to gather one last time in front of the coffin.

The motorcade arrives at Westminster Hall, where the Queen’s coffin will be on display until Monday morning

As expected, the military motorcade arrives at Westminster Hall, where the Queen’s coffin will rest for four days.

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, September 14, 2022, in London
The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, September 14, 2022, in London © Screenshot

Until Monday morning, the British who wish will be able to pay a last tribute to Elizabeth II there.

The crown and the standard of the kingdom rest on the coffin of the queen

On the queen’s coffin rest the crown of the kingdom, her standard, and a crown of flowers.

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, September 14, 2022, in London
The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, September 14, 2022, in London © screenshot

The motorcade passes through Horse Guards Parade

The cortege with the Queen’s coffin has just passed through Horse Guards Parade, and continues on its way to Westminster Hall.

The procession marches between the flags of the states of the Commonwealth

Arriving at Horse Guards Parade, the Queen’s motorcade and coffin parade among all the flags of the member states of the Commonwealth.

The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, September 14, 2022, in London
The coffin of Queen Elizabeth II, September 14, 2022, in London © Screenshot

Camilla, Kate and Meghan reach Westminster Hall by car

Queen Consort Camilla, along with William and Harry’s wives, Kate and Meghan, are driving to Westminster Hall.

Charles III parades behind the coffin with William and Harry

King Charles III parades behind the coffin, on the same plane as his siblings, in order of birth, Princess Anne, Prince Andrew and Prince Edward. Behind are the king’s two sons, William and Harry.

Charles, William and Harry follow the Queen's coffin, September 14, 2022
Charles, William and Harry follow the queen’s coffin, September 14, 2022 © Daniel Leal – AFP

On the queen’s coffin are the royal standard of the United Kingdom, as well as the crown of the kingdom.

The coffin leaves Buckingham Palace

The coffin has just left Buckingham Palace on a gun carriage of the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery.

The military procession should last 38 minutes, according to the program given by Buckingham. The soldiers will walk along St Jame’s Park, turn towards Horse Guards Parade, before joining Westminster Hall.

A procession punctuated by cannon shots

The procession will be punctuated by cannon shots, fired every minute from Hyde Park, as the queen’s coffin reaches Westminster Hall.

A bracelet to access Westminster Hall

The queue is getting longer around Westminster Hall, where the queen’s coffin will rest for four days to allow Britons who wish to do so to pay their respects.

They were given a bracelet, with a number, which allows them to keep their place in the queue, where they will wait for hours before being able to approach the coffin.

“We had to be here”: Britons drove several hours to watch the procession

Some Britons have driven for several hours to attend the procession which will begin in a few minutes.

She was “a great lady, the grandmother of our country, she was exceptional, we had to be here”, commented one of her at the microphone of BFMTV, in London.

It will also be an opportunity for them to see the members of the royal family reunited. “We will be happy to see the family reunited, it will be poignant, the mother would have liked them to come together for this special moment”.

For the mayor of London, Charles III will be “an excellent king” because he had “the best possible mentor”

A few minutes before the start of the procession, the mayor of London spoke for a few seconds at the microphone of BFMTV.

“The Queen was the representative of the Commonwealth, as the President parades, she was always there, reassuring,” Sadiq Khan said. “What is reassuring is also that our King Charles III had the best possible mentor, he will be an excellent king”.

“It brings the whole country together”

Talking to the crowd, who are waiting on the route of the procession, to see the queen’s coffin pass, Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury slipped a few words, in French, into the microphone of BFMTV. Rejoicing in the fervor of the British, he said:

“They are there to honor and appreciate the Queen and her 70 years of service and loyalty. It brings the whole country together. [Ces gens] are the representatives of England. For those who couldn’t come. They’re here to say, ‘we’re grateful to the Queen’.”

“It’s a moment full of emotion. It’s something extraordinary. I never wanted to get to this moment. But here we are.”

Air traffic limited to London to allow meditation

Air traffic over London will be restricted this Wednesday afternoon to ensure silence in the center of the British capital during a procession accompanying the coffin of the late Queen Elizabeth II.

These restrictions on flying over London will affect certain flights between 1.50 p.m. the AFP.

“Passengers will be notified directly by their airlines of any flight changes,” the airport said.

The town of Le Touquet pays homage to the queen

Le Touquet-Paris-Plage announces this Wednesday to baptize its international airport in the name of the Queen of England.

“In order to pay homage to Queen Elizabeth II and in memory of her visit to Le Touquet with her uncle Edward VIII, a visit during which she practiced both horse riding and sand yachting, the City of Le Touquet-Paris-Plage wishes to baptize her airport named after the one who, for 70 years, served her country with commitment, respect and constancy at the same time as she was always attentive to the good relations between our two nations, she who spoke French and appreciated our country”, indicates the city in a press release.

Harry and William will walk side by side

This will be one of the images not to be missed this afternoon, during the procession that will lead the remains of Elizabeth II from Buckingham to Westminster: Princes William and Harry will accompany their father Charles III and walk together behind their grandmother’s coffin.

Hundreds of thousands of Britons will bid farewell to the Queen

The British are expected by the hundreds of thousands from this Wednesday in London, to greet Elizabeth II, their adored monarch one last time before her funeral next Monday.

Westminster Hall will be open for the occasion 24 hours a day. But it will take patience, with long queues that could stretch for miles.

The procession will start at 3:22 p.m.

The route of this procession will pass through The Mall and pass through Horse Guards Parade before passing close to Downing Street towards Westminster Hall. The funeral procession must start precisely from 2:22 p.m., or 3:22 p.m. in France, for a procession which should last 40 minutes during which the bells of Big Ben will ring. On the passage of the remains, the King’s Troop Royal Horse Artillery will fire several shots from Hyde Park.

Another emotional day in the UK

The day after the arrival of the remains of Elizabeth II in her London palace of Buckinghamthe coffin of the sovereign must, this Wednesday, travel to Westminster Hall, where the British will be able to pay their last respects to him during the next five days.

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