Line Renaud says he “convinced” Emmanuel Macron

The 94-year-old actress has been campaigning for years for end-of-life legislation to be passed by Parliament.

It’s in “right way“. This is the observation made by Line Renaud on Wednesday September 14. At the microphone of RTL, the 94-year-old actress welcomed the recent announcements from the executive concerning the end of life. After the conclusions of the ethics committee, a citizens’ convention should see the light of day in early October to discuss this delicate social issue. The one who has been campaigning on the subject for years, and has just been decorated with the Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor, considers that she has “convincedEmmanuel Macron.

Yes, I convinced him, because at the dinner where I came back to the question, the president made me understand that it would be done“, explained the artist. “It seems to me that it is on the right track. I will fight until I get there“, she continued.

Line Renaud ready to speak to citizens

Already on August 21, Line Renaud had launched an appeal. In the columns of Sunday newspaper and alongside the left-wing deputy Olivier Falorni, she assured that “when there is no more quality of life, when we are struggling, it is better to leave“. “It’s time to legalize active assistance in dying“, she added. A few days later, the President of the Republic in person had received it to adorn it with the highest distinction.

Now that the debate will truly open, the actress intends to be heard again. In The Parisian yesterday, she said she was ready tospeakin front of the citizens. “Deputy Olivier Falorni (also general rapporteur of the bill on end of life) told me that he would call me every day to keep me informed.“, she also specifies.


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