Line Renaud, “French pride”, elevated to the dignity of Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor

Singer and actress Line Renaud, 94, was elevated Friday evening at the Elysee Palace to the dignity of Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor, during a ceremony chaired by the Head of State.

The rank of Grand Cross in the Order of the Legion of Honor is the highest Republican distinction, also awarded in recent years to actors Michèle Morgan and Michel Bouquet, painter Pierre Soulages, writer Jean d’Ormesson and to the philosopher Edgar Morin.

“Immense recognition”

“Through this dizzying career that makes France proud, through your multiple commitments, you have contributed to the influence of our country”, underlined Emmanuel Macron in the presence of many personalities representing the worlds of entertainment, politics and scientific research.

“I have the immense honor and the happiness of raising you to the dignity of Grand Cross of the Legion of Honor”, said the President of the Republic, addressing Line Renaud his “tremendous gratitude” and welcoming in particular the commitment of the singer and actress in favor of AIDS research by co-creating the Sidaction association.

“The right to die with dignity is a fight that looks like you and that obliges us,” said Emmanuel Macron, referring to Line Renaud’s latest commitment.

From “French novel” to “Hollywood tale”

” With Welcome to the Ch’tis, you have written a new chapter of your legend. (…) For the French, you have become a compass”, he added, reviewing the career of the eternal “Demoiselle d’Armentières”.

“Your destiny began as a French novel and continued as a Hollywood tale. (…) For a President of the Republic, you are an invitation to humility, ”said Emmanuel Macron again.

Muriel Robin, Claude Chirac and Dany Boon, Line Renaud’s “children at heart”, but also Pascal Obispo, Nana Mouskouri, Claude Lelouch, Pierre Arditi, Nathalie Baye, Professor Jean-François Delfraissy, President of Sidaction and 2008 winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Françoise Barré-Sinoussi, or former Prime Minister Jean-Pierre Raffarin were among the many personalities present.

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