Lightning sets fire to a palm tree in Saint-Raphaël

We knew that it was dangerous to take refuge under an isolated tree in the event of a storm. We will now know that this prevention advice also applies… to palm trees.

Friday, in Saint-Raphaël in the Var, a palm tree bore the brunt of a storm.

As shown in this photo taken by a resident of the town, lightning set fire to a palm tree.

Thunderstorms expected mid-week

Also, Météo France takes the opportunity to remind you of the good things to do in the event of a storm: avoid handling any electrical conductor, sit on the ground, because lightning is attracted by anything that exceeds or isolate yourself maximum from the ground by means of any insulating material.

Advice to follow in the coming days, Météo France is indeed announcing the risk of thunderstorms over the entire department this Wednesday and Thursday morning.


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