L’Expression: Continuous news – Pizza Festival in Skikda: launch of the festivities of the 1st edition with the participation of 100 preparers

The first edition of the Pizza Festival, locally called “the Pits” was launched on Saturday at the place November 1st in the city center of Skikda with the participation of 100 preparers from different wilayas of the country.

The two-day festival will be marked by the organization of three (3) competitions, two during the first day for the under 18 category, and for amateurs, while the second day will be devoted to the professional category and specialists in the preparation of pizza, according to the organizers.

In this context, Zoheir Hamimas, the head of the company pub Car, a start-up having won several patents for the invention initiating the Festival in collaboration with the services of the Municipal People’s Assembly of Skikda, specified that the objective is to work to propose new ideas within the framework of the promotion of Tourism.

The three winners in each category will win prizes for “best pizza”, “best taste” and “best form” which will be awarded by the jury composed of former specialists (specialist pizzaiolos) from the wilaya and those recognized across the country. , we learned from the organizers.

The winners will receive prizes at the closing of the Festival, it was pointed out.

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