LE CREUSOT: The Domino’s pizza brand opens this Monday, September 12

The Domino’s pizza team is waiting for you on Monday for the opening of the store, the 2nd in Saône-et-Loire after Mâcon.

This Monday, September 12, 2022 will be a milestone for the Domino’s pizza brand, which will open its second store in Le Creusot in the Saône-et-Loire region. Indeed, after having opened 8 stores in Brittany and the Pays de Loire, the brand has decided to develop in Saône-et-Loire, in the Jura and Ain. And finally, the city of Le Creusot was chosen to set up its 10th store, following the opening of the one in Mâcon last November.
The Domino’s pizza brand, it should be remembered, specializes in take-out sales and especially home delivery of pizzas: “This product attracts, the brand has professionalized the profession, we offer quality and service…” said explained Cyril Durand during the inauguration on Saturday evening.

Franchisee of the sign, the latter recalled the path taken by his group and underlined the welcome received by the elected officials of Creusot who immediately supported the project. “We were particularly well received at Le Creusot, in particular by Bruno Montpré, this is not always the case in certain towns…Bruno is someone exceptional…”.
The new store located very precisely at n°64 rue Foch has set the bar very high in terms of objectives. “We are going to deliver to customers within an 8-minute radius by scooter (5) or electric bike (3) to ensure the quality of the product, which must still be hot on delivery, which is why we are going to focus on Le Creusot… Between the order and the home delivery, it takes us 22 minutes…” delivered Cyril Durand before the inauguration, specifying for the advanced equipment invested, a new generation oven allowing to cook 260 pizzas per hour .
Concerning the quality of the product, Cyril Durand is proud to recall that nothing is prepared upstream, the dough is fresh (never frozen) and worked only by hand. Of course the manager presented his teams on Saturday evening on which he will rely to develop the brand. At Le Creusot, Titouan Morin, a Breton and pure product of the brand, will in the short term be in charge of a team of 20 people, under the control of Alexis Lecocq, area manager. It should be noted that the training component has not been neglected by the brand, which wants all staff to quickly become versatile to ensure maximum service. “We worked with Pôle Emploi, with the local Mission, we take on apprentices, all profiles are represented here…” Cyril specified.
On Monday, there will therefore be a lot of movement on the side of rue Foch where we are planning a somewhat special opening with a mobilization of everyone, supervisors, delivery people… Saturday evening, Sylvestre Coniau deputy mayor of Le Creusot, in charge of trade, of crafts and town planning was present alongside Anthony Keller, vice-president of Creusot-Foch Animation, to watch the very first pizzas “made in Domino’s pizza from Le Creusot” come out of the oven.


The opening of the store is scheduled from Monday to Thursday from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. and from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. On Friday and Saturday you can be delivered until 11 p.m. and on Sunday until 10 p.m.
Tel: 03 75 005 006.

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