Laurent Ruquier and Hugo Manos separated? The handsome brunette comes out of silence after a stubborn rumor about their couple

According to several Internet users, the beautiful story between Laurent Ruquier and Hugo Manos would have ended. A rumor immediately swept away this Saturday, September 3 by the columnist of TPMP People and Do not touch My TV, who wanted to make things clear in order to calm the ardor of some.

“Like every summer, I don’t spend all my time with Laurenthe said at first, he who was actually thousands of kilometers from his darling during this summer vacation.

Between Nice, Annecy, Geneva and the island of from Mykonos, the Franco-Greek entrepreneur traveled through beautiful places mainly located in Europe while the host of Big heads flew to the United States before returning to Paris to prepare for his return. I took, at the beginning of the summer, the decision to be much more discreet and much smarter in my communication on social networks“, continued the handsome brunette, this time responding to those who pointed out the lack of photos of the couple on his Instagram account.

Deleted photos?

Some even believe that the 34-year-old sports coach, recently the victim of a sexist attack, would have erased old pictures of him and his darling on his account. “But delete which photos? Because you still have to know that neither he nor I have ever published a single photo of us“, he wanted to clarify. This is what has the merit of being clear. The couple would therefore be indeed intact. This relationship had been formalized by Hugo Manos on the board of TPMP People in February.

The one who says “very happy“in his couple confided in his meeting with the host on the show At Jordan’s :In fact, he sent me a message on Instagram asking me for more information on the practice of electrostimulation, since I have sports centers. We discussed about that. I think he spotted the beast. It was a way to get in touch.” he had explained.

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