Laurent Romejko interrupts the game and lets loose on France 3 as the new pair makes its first appearance!

This Saturday September 17, 2022, the absence of Arielle Boulin-Prat and Bertrand Renard was noticed on France 3. Last August, the two emblematic figures of the famous game were fired. A real shock for viewers as for the main concerned who did not fail to shout their dissatisfaction in the media. ” In short, far from wanting to leave or quit the show, it is France Télévisions where we have worked for so long that chooses to separate from us, to act alone a break that has never been asked of it “, had made known the pair through a press release. And to add: We didn’t refuse the supposed new version of the game, since we were never presented with it. […] What is discreetly referred to as a contractual disagreement arose because France Télévisions demanded a drop in our salary of around 60% and refused to grant us the CDI that we had the audacity to claim. “.

“I have a lot of affection for them”

Collapsed by the departure of the duo, Laurent Romejko took advantage of his return to the set to send a touching message to his former colleagues. ” Right here, for decades, Arielle and Bertrand have brought that little daily dose of knowledge, always unpretentious, but also those arithmetic and spelling tricks that have allowed most of you to grow over the years. , to also learn “, he first launched before continuing: “ Above all, they brought this collective good humor to the set and this malice that there was between us. They have of course contributed to the success and exceptional longevity of this show. You understood, I have a lot of affection for them. And I’m not the only one, since several generations of the large ‘Numbers and Letters’ family thank you, Arielle and Bertrand. “A beautiful tribute.


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