Lannick Gautry (Aim for the heart), very discreet dad: his choice of life which is surprising

This evening in the TF1 mini-series Aim for the heart, Lannick Gautry plays Novak Lisica, an ex-lawyer turned police commissioner who finds his childhood sweetheart when he takes up his new job. One more role to put to his credit, he who shone in the movies Brice de Nice, Our Happy Days, Very First Time and Les Francis as well as in the series The Mystery of the Lake, Clear-eyed Vengeance, or through his many appearances on television as in the TV movie Parents manual.

A nice career therefore for those who have the habit of never saying too much about their private life. The star system, he doesn’t really like that, although he doesn’t consider his relationship to this concept as a “allergy“, as he explains in the pages of the latest issue of TV Star published on September 5. “Simply, I’m not cheating, I live in the countryside in a village of thirty-forty inhabitants“, declares the one who hinted that there would be some tensions with Claire Keim. A surprising life choice but which he fully assumes. “I think it comes not from my upbringing but from my life. I’m good with real people, with whom I never talk about my job“, adds the 46-year-old actor, who therefore does not appreciate being too much in the light.

Dad of two children

But I do not criticize the way of life of my sisters and colleagues ; everyone is happy in their own way“, he even wants to clarify. Recently, still for Télé Star, Lannick Gautry was already making rare revelations about his private life, this time about his family. While the journalist asked him to state his “real adventure“, he answered this: “With my two-and-a-half-year-old and soon to be eight-year-old daughters. It’s quite an adventure to bring young people into existence.” He unveiled thus the sex of her second child, so far never revealed since the announcement of this birth in 2018.

He is therefore the father of two little girls, while the identity of the one who shares his life is kept secret. He has notably already been in a relationship with the actress Louise Monot in the past, before meeting his other half.

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