Keynote 2022: in addition to the iPhone 14, Apple will unveil a surprise product!

News hardware Keynote 2022: in addition to the iPhone 14, Apple will unveil a surprise product!

Apple’s Keynote is approaching and impatience is mounting on the side of the American firm’s fans. During this conference we should discover the brand new iPhone 14 as well as several new Apple-branded products.

“One more thing”: the emblematic little phrase of Apple Keynotes

In terms of ads, we must recognize that Apple knows how to do it. For many years now, we have been accustomed to the conferences of the Cupertino company that bear the name of Keynote. Originally presented by Steve Jobs, these conferences remain since the death of the legendary CEO, an important event that Tim Cook, the new boss of the apple, also masters to perfection, in particular thanks to the famous “One more thing” (= one more thing).

If some are not familiar with Apple’s Keynotes, tell yourself that this is the conference where the brand announces all its new products. iPhone, iMac, MacBook or iPad, this is the brand’s privileged moment to surprise and unveil its new projects. As we explained to you above, these Keynotes were partly made famous by the famous “One more thing”.

This little phrase democratized by Steve Jobs almost always reserved a big announcement to end his conferences, just to save the best for last. As a symbol, his successor, Tim Cook has also made this “One more thing” his secret weapon. He said a few years ago: “We have a lot of respect for those words and we don’t use them lightly.” We can especially remember that of the Keynote 2017 (September) where the CEO kept for the end, the announcement of the iPhone X – the first smartphone without a Home button from the firm.

The “One more thing” of Keynote 2022 already known?

This Keynote has been in the air for many weeks, and now that we know the exact date of the conference (September 7, 2022), the time has come to speculate on the probable announcements of new Apple-branded products. iPhone 14, new MacBook M2, iPad or Apple Watch Series 8, we can expect almost everything.

If we follow the words of 9to5Mac and of Macotakara, we could have the right to a “One more thing” on a new version of the Apple Watch. As we might expect, Apple would be working on a Pro model for its connected watches. There are several rumors circulating about this, suggesting that this one could sport a flat screen unlike his elders.

This new screen would also allow Apple to make it larger than those of previous models. The new size of the latter could thus be 1.99 inches (2 inches). Who says bigger screen also necessarily means a little bigger size, but for the moment, no data has leaked on this subject. The Apple Watch Pro appears to be similar to the iPhone X (2017) in that it’s a high-end version of a product that has a new design that could eventually carry over to the rest of the device. range.

We remind you that Apple’s Keynote 2022 will take place on September 7 from 7 p.m. on the firm’s official website, their YouTube channel or via the brand’s product TV application.

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