Kelly Vedovelli and Cyril Hanouna as a couple? She finally breaks the silence and gives her version!

For many months, fans wonder about the nature of the relationship between Cyril Hanouna and Kelly Vedovelli. The reason ? Several appearances of the two stars together have accentuated these rumors so far.

If the two stars of TPMP decide to remain very discreet on the subject, Internet users can always count on social networks. It’s been a while now since viewers of TPMP collect information on a possible merger.

The two stars even spent their holidays in Monaco, and were seen in the same place. But neither of them wanted to admit or deny the rumours. Monday, September 5, Kelly Vedovelli finally shared her reaction! We tell you everything!

Kelly Vedovelli and Cyril Hanouna, a secret couple?

It has been several months since the rumors about a budding relationship between Cyril Hanouna and Kelly Vedovelli run. TMZ even claimed that the two men were indeed a couple.

While they have both decided to go on vacation this summer, the two lovebirds spend a lot of time together. The dog of Kelly Vedovelli, columnist of TPMP, was even seen in the garden of Cyril Hanouna.

The @tmzfrofficiel Instagram account also collected other clues. They are in the same famous villa from the south of France, which we have been hearing about for a long time.

Who was in the same place at the same time are they on vacation together? They went to Passable Beach. Cyril Hanouna was spotted with fans at Plage Passable yesterday and Kelly was there too.

However, the host of TPMP has always claimed to appreciate being single. Right now, I’m single. I’m telling you, I’m not in on it.

I’m in work, work, work, work. Out of respect for the people who were with me, for now, really, I’m telling you, I’m still single. For at least two years.

Two years of celibacy. Kelly Vedovelli, for her part, often tries to dodge the subject. But this time, she was fed up and decided to react once and for all to the rumors about their alleged relationship.

Kelly Vedovelli reacts once and for all

Columnist Kelly Vedovelli is officially fed up! Everyone invents a life for him by passing off his friendly relationship with Cyril Hanouna for something else.

kelly vedovelli and her boyfriend

But the rumors become annoying for the pretty blonde, who decided to set the record straight. Indeed, the columnist of TPMP has decided to respond to the crazy rumors circulating.

Monday, September 5, Kelly Vedovelli took to her Instagram account to respond to the rumors that she would be in a relationship with Cyril Hanouna, the host of the program in which she is a columnist.

The idea that the pretty blonde either in a relationship with his boss intrigues TPMP fans. Kelly Vedovelli answered the question of a user who asked her if she was in a relationship.

To which she replied: NO. His response was accompanied by a GIF of Paris Hilton, arms crossed and visibly very angry. It couldn’t have been clearer!

Soon host?

Through her Instagram story once again, Kelly Vedovelli also communicated to his followers that she was to go from columnist to host at the start of the school year. I was supposed to host the 6 to 7 (show before TPMP), but I have a problem of legitimacy and I don’t think I am, she said.

Kelly Vedovelli

There is nothing worse than improvising, especially in this area (you can’t hide, haha), so I’ll leave that to the pros and those who are comfortable being dumb. Ego is good, but quality is good too, she finally explained. An overview of the new animator from 6 to 7?

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