Kate Middleton: This overwhelming gesture that she made in full mourning for Elizabeth II

Faced with the ordeal of mourning, moments of support and benevolence serve to clarify the future, far from family tensions. Kate Middleton, now Princess of Wales like her illustrious predecessor Lady Diana, echoed the unforgettable mother of her husband Prince William by making a gesture of great delicacy. During one of the tributes to Queen Elizabeth II, at Sandringham on September 15, she offered the possibility to a little girl to place a very special gift in memory of Her Majesty.

The former Duchess of Cambridge helped an 8-year-old girl drop off what she had brought to pay tribute to Queen Elizabeth, during the September 15, 2022 event held at Sandringham House, the private residence of the Windsors, located in Norfolk. The 40-year-old princess asked for the child, named Elizabeth – a fitting name! -, to come with her to place the stuffed animal with the effigy of a corgi, a breed of dog adored by the deceased sovereign, and a bouquet of flowers.

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