Kate Middleton: A famous popstar almost took her place in William’s heart

Kate Middleton will have waited many years before her prince William decides to put the ring on her finger. If this lack of enthusiasm had led to the couple breaking up in 2007, the duo formed by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge could simply never have existed! Before starting a relationship with his former roommate at Saint Andrews University, Prince William, 20, exchanged several messages with a very big music icon.

Kate Middleton could have been replaced by… Britney Spears! The interpreter of Baby One More Timeat the height of his fame at the time, had testified on the show The Frank Skinner Show. She had notably confirmed that between her and Prince William, things could have gone much further than a simple flirtation by messages: “We emailed for a while, and he was supposed to meet me somewhere, but it didn’t happen.“, she confided.

Not coming back from what he had just heard, the host had clearly asked if Britney Spears had therefore done “To stand someone up” by Prince William. Question to which the artist had answered in the affirmative. Information confirmed last year by Christopher Andersen, author of the book Brothers and Wives: Inside the Private Lives of William, Kate, Harry and Meghan : “They tried dating when they were young. They may have had phone conversations, but I don’t recall them being able to see each other during that time.” If prince William had apparently preferred a hunting party, the palace of Buckingham Palace had denied any rapprochement between the future king of England and the popstar.

Chance of life may have done things well. Since meeting Kate Middleton’s gaze, Prince William seems the happiest of men. After several years of romance enjoying the nightlife of London, the two lovers formalized their engagement before a wedding with great fanfare on April 29, 2011. George, 9, Charlotte, 7, and Louis, 4, came to complete their happiness, the balance of which has almost never been shaken. Britney Spears was unfortunately not so lucky…

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