Kate and William move: first fuss-free weekend in their new house, with the children

New place for a new life. Kate Middleton and Prince William have made the decision to move away from central London and no longer live at Kensington Palace for the sake of their children. To provide more freedom for 9-year-old George, 7-year-old Charlotte and 4-year-old Louis, the Duchess and Duke of Cambridge have effectively packed their bags and moved into the countryside at Ascot in Adelaide Cottage. The small family would spend, moreover, its very first weekend in these places on September 3 and 4, 2022.

According to information from DailyMailKate, William and the children would have “traveled light“, without fuss, to get to their new home, and would not have requisitioned refurbishment, new furniture or new expensive equipment. If they moved with ease, they will still have to that every member of the Cambridge clan should show adaptability. George, Charlotte and Louis should come out of this as leaders since they were enrolled at the – very expensive – Lambrook School, located only 14km from the house, and that their uniforms are already ready for the start of the school year next week, but their parents are going to have a little more trouble.

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