Juliette Binoche evokes without filter her stormy shoot with Vincent Lindon

Juliette Binoche and Vincent Lindon came to present the film With love and determination at the Berlinale 2022. (Germany, February 12, 2022.) Getty Images

On the occasion of the release of the film With love and determinationon August 31, the actress opened up about the complicated relationship with her playmate.

If the chemistry between two actors can burst the screen once the film is released, it sometimes happens that behind the scenes, it is quite different. Example with Juliette Binoche and Vincent Lindon, who currently share the poster for the feature film With love and determination, in theaters since August 31. Guest of the program “The original band” on France Inter, the actress spoke, without language of wood, the exhausting filming that she lived for several months, due, in particular, to her stormy relationship with her playing partner.

Asked by Nagui about her agreement with the actor, Juliette Binoche did not refrain from telling the truth. “It was not easy, she explained. Anyway, Vincent, he wants to do politics. Didn’t you guess? It’s obvious”. And to continue: “He has an anguish of not being seen, of not being heard and therefore he does everything to exist. And I understand it. But as a teammate, it’s not always easy. And I don’t let myself be pushed around either and he mustn’t be used to that. There is parity, we both have the right to exist and it was complicated […] It’s rarely happened to me that a shoot isn’t necessarily calm. »

Juliette Binoche nevertheless affirmed that despite the complicated moments, the latter feels a real tenderness for her playing partner. “We were both brave to finish and go all the way. We played the game,” she added.

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Inspired by the novel by Christine Angot, A turning point in life the film With love and determination draws up the passionate relationship of a couple who love each other and tear each other apart, caught in spite of themselves in a love triangle. For this film, Claire Denis was awarded the Silver Bear for Best Director at the 2022 Berlin Film Festival.


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