Julien Doré secretly in love with an actress: he loses his means when they meet

Bigflo and Oli always one step ahead. The two rappers – who will find him as a coach in the next season of The Voice – always manage to surprise their fans, but sometimes also their collaborators. As proof, they managed to organize a big surprise for Julien Doré on the clip of Getting oldtitle for which the juror of The Voice Kids also gave voice.

Florian and Olivio (of their real names) are close to their public. They also asked them for ideas for their clip with Julien Doré. Thus, many of their fans have sent them (they retained 50) and one of them delighted the charming 40-year-old blonde. As Internet users were able to see in the video unveiled on Sunday September 18, 2022, the latter was not aware of anything. It was only when he found the two Toulousians that he understood that the clip was going to be shot, thus offering 100% natural reactions. We could see the father of the family doing the treadmill, playing pétanque, going through a turbulent class, dancing in a retirement home or even improvising a choreography.

The filming of Getting old was also the opportunity for Julien Doré to meet idols of the 1990s. Arriving in a room, he came face to face with Hélène Rollès, Philippe Vasseur and Laly Meignan. His smile and the fact that he forgot to sing at the start says a lot about his state of mind at that time. It must be said that he had a crush on the interpreter of Laly that he thus had the opportunity to embrace. It was during his passage through 50 Minutes Inside in March 2021, for the promotion of his album Aimee, that he had made this confidence. Presenter Nikos Aliagas asked him if he was watching Helen and the boys when he was younger. “Yes of course !“, he replied before revealing that he was”secretly in loveby Laly Meignan.

On Instagram, Julien Doré expressed his joy by sharing a photo in which he poses with the three actors, who can currently be found on TMC in The mysteries of love. “I can stop everything now“, can we read in the caption of the publication.

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