JP Morgan: inflation should affect Apple Watch sales more than iPhone 14 sales

According to investment bank JP Morgan, the economic crisis will affect Apple Watch sales more than iPhone 14 sales. Apple Insider was able to get his hands on a note for investors in which an analyst explains that the price of the watch will be a key factor.

Apple Watch Pro concept, expected to be priced between $900-$1,000. Image : Ian Zelbo and Parker Ortolani.

He says that given the difficult economic environment of recent months, customers should favor the purchase of an iPhone over that of a new watch. ” Price is a key thing to watch in a tough macro economy writes the analyst who expects lower priority consumer spending to decline due to inflation.

On the iPhone side, JP Morgan also believes that the iPhone 14 Pro will be more expensive. If most rumors agree on the fact that the price of the iPhone 14 Pro should increase, the rumors of the corridors are more divided on the entry-level iPhone, which could remain displayed at the same price. The bank believes that Apple could take a nuanced approach by not changing the prices of the iPhone 14 compared to those of the iPhone 13.

To continue to sell pallets of products, JP Morgan expects Apple to go all out on its free 4x payment offers and on bonuses when taking back an old device. ” High trade-in prices and wider deployment of the Buy-Now-Pay-Later program can lead to robust sales volumes “says the report. For several months, Cupertino has been strongly insisting on its options facilitating payment on the Apple Store: we can therefore expect these to be even more highlighted in the coming months.


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