Jean-Marie Bigard freaks out in the middle of the show about François Cluzet and starts screaming: “People like him envy me! – Look

It is a sequence that will make the happiness of social networks. Jean-Marie Bigard was the guest of “Chez Jordan” this week and the images of the recording have just leaked before the broadcast of the show on C8. Jordan de Luxe broadcast to him the images of François Cluzet who had qualified him in September 2020 on RTL as “king of rednecks”. Cluzet had then denounced his “navelousness” and denounced those who gave him the floor on TV sets.

Jean-Marie Bigard’s response is a great show, since the comedian starts screaming in front of a terrified Jordan de Luxe with bulging eyes. He suddenly launches:

“He is the victim of a sin, the worst of all, envy, he does not want me to exist, to be loved. I am the king of rednecks, yes! He insults three-quarters of France, are you going to tell three quarters of the French people who love me that they are rednecks?

Envy is when you don’t want the other to have what he is and be what he is. He does not understand that I am given the floor!

Normally you would have to kill me, bury me, make a hole and put me in it, he wants me to disappear. He is exasperated by my performance. In particular by the fact that I filled a Stade de France! Persoooooonnne…. All people like François Cluzet say Nooooooooon! Nooooooooo! We want paaaaaaas! No one wanted me to be the only comedian in the world to make 52,000 people laugh.”

Watch this excerpt which will soon be broadcast on C8

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