Jean-Jacques Goldman: His daughter Caroline victim of “educational violence”? She reacts cash

Superstar of French song, Jean-Jacques Goldman has managed to build his career by preserving his family, he who is the father of six children, leading a discreet life with his first wife Catherine Morlet, then his current wife Nathalie. Two of his children are in the spotlight today: his son Michael who is the director of the new season of the star Academy, but also his eldest Caroline, a psychologist whose biases on the education of children are controversial. She expresses herself in The Parisianthe opportunity to set the record straight, especially on his links with his illustrious dad and his little brother.

Caroline Goldman (46) has signed a podcast that has become one of the most listened to in France in a few months, according to the Podtail ranking, specifies The Parisian. The one who followed the same path as her psychologist mother Catherine Morlet is a well-known personality in her field, speaking on the show Kindergartens and heard on France Inter. A notoriety which has also earned her many attacks, since the specialist rebels against the precepts of so-called positive and benevolent education, targeting her two figureheads Isabelle Filliozat and Catherine Gueguen.

Wanting to assume its positions and claiming the benefits of Time Out – the setting aside of a child in full anger, a method which the Council of Europe has chosen to no longer advocate – she regrets being considered a “Whiplash Mother Reac“. However, she keeps her positions, tired of seeing children and parents suffering in her office, seeing the interest of “restore educational boundaries” and deconstructing fashionable theories from kids to “high intellectual potentiall” (HPI) or with “attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity” (ADHD).

Which father was his, Jean-Jacques Goldman?

If Caroline Goldman claims her experience as a doctor in psychology, she is also the mother of four children aged 7, 11, 13 and 17. Speaking more and more publicly, she faces countless attacks that also target Jean-Jacques Goldman. A psychologist contacted by The Parisian and who wanted to remain anonymous suggests that the educational violence she defends, she has “probably experienced when she was young”. To which the interested party replies that her father, the famous and very discreet Jean-Jacques Goldman, was far from being a tyrant: “I was not punished when I was little. I was even very hard on my younger brother [Michael de la Star Ac].”

In Tele-Leisure, Caroline Goldman had spoken about her little brother in the light because of his new position on TF1 (director of the Star Academy). She had notably spoken of the notion of celebrity in their family: “This dimension has never had the slightest place in our family values. It was of no importance to our parents, grandparents, uncles and aunts and therefore never really had an impact (positive or negative) on us children.

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