It’s back to school! The Pizza Box accompanies you with two new pizzas

A major player in the fast food sector for over 30 years, The Pizza Box has created two new special pizzas for the new school year. Creativity is indeed part of the brand’s DNA.

Focus on two La Boîte à Pizza creations

La Boîte à Pizza has chosen to collaborate with the influencer LOUTIFUL for its September pizza. The influencer, who has a very large number of subscribers on social networks, is in total affinity with the brand since she is a young mother who is passionate about cooking. She is used to making recipes that she regularly cooks live with her community. A pizza lover, she tastes one every week, which she likes to prepare live with her followers on Instagram.

LOUTIFUL offered La Boîte à Pizza its favorite pizza recipe: a cream base, creamy burrata, cooked ham and fresh mushrooms. A touch of black pepper coming out of the oven which cuts completely with the finesse of the burrata. An excellent way for the brand to increase its notoriety and attract new customers.

As for its pizza of the month of October, it will prolong the summer with its taste reminiscent of South America: the BARBACOA pizza. A clever blend of flavors: caramelized onions, ”Barbacoa” style shredded beef, grilled peppers and a touch of Chipotle BBQ sauce.

With its continuous innovations, La Boîte à Pizza aims to create the most satisfying customer experience: easy ordering and fast delivery for a tasty moment.

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