“It’s a little bit unfair”… This announcement by Michael Goldman for the next evaluations and eliminations which terrifies the students

This Sunday, October 30, during the live of the star Academy broadcast on MYTF1 MAX, Michael Goldman visited the students at the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys. He took the opportunity to make an announcement on the next evaluations which did not fail to make the candidates react.

Saturday, October 29, during the third prime of the star Academy, two candidates were definitively eliminated from the competition. It is Cenzo and Ahcene. As for Julian and Stanislasthe two students were able to reach the castle of Dammarie-les-Lys, the first after being saved by the public, the second thanks to the last vote ofAnisha. The day after this special philharmonic orchestra evening, Laura Balon debriefed each performance with the candidates. But when talking with Julien, the tone rose. The scenic expression teacher did not appreciate that the young man put his emotions aside during his performance.

The voting system turned upside down for the next bonus

Around 6 p.m., Michael Goldman visited the class of 2022 of the star Academy to talk to them of the next evaluations which will take place this Tuesday, November 1st. “I come with good news“, he began. And to continue: “There will be four nominated and there will be two eliminated on Saturday. But there will be no student votes“. An announcement that did not fail to relieve the candidates. The school director then underlined that the coming week was going to be “a little bit special“, with a theme “different“for reviews.”You are going to pass assessments as a duo (…) It is you who chooses with whom you are going to put yourself in a duet, it is not us“, he dropped. The five duos in competition will have the choice between three songs: die tomorrow by Natasha St-Pier and Pascal Obispo, You are my other by Maurane and Lara Fabian and The river of our childhood by Michel Sardou and Garou.

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How many nominees and eliminated during the 4th prime of the competition?

The idea, on a duo evaluation, is to take advantage of this magic of the duo which makes the qualities of one necessarily transpire on the other if the duo is successful and the weaknesses of some subside a little with the qualities of others (…) You have to think a little about strategies to carry each other“, continued Michael Goldman. After the evaluations of this Tuesday, November 1, two duos will be named for Saturday’s bonus. Please note that they will not be judged individually. “This will be the duo that will be eliminated“, explained the son of Jean Jacques Goldman. At the end of this fourth premium on November 5, one duo will be saved by the public, the other will be eliminated. This announcement made the students react, starting with Léa. “I think it’s a little unfair“, did she say. “These are the rules. It’s unfair but it can be a chance too if it’s done intelligently“, replied Michael Goldman. And the dance, will it also be done in duet? “It will be two. There will be a synchronized game for two, and I believe a free game. You will see with Yanis Marshall tomorrow“, clarified the director. If Enola confided “dislike team sports“, she decided to get into a duet with Louis. As for Carla, it is with Paola that she plans to compete. In the kitchen, the two young women compared these special assessments to “linked destinies, like the adventurers of Koh-Lanta“! During the live, viewers were also able to see Julian and Anisha repeat together, just like Stanislaus and Chris as well as Lea and Tiana.

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