“It was in the arms of Miou-Miou” that he died… New details revealed

It is a new chapter in her life that Sylvette Herry, alias Miou-Miou, opened on the night of October 17 to 18. Her story with the novelist Jean Teulé has come to an end. They didn’t decide it, fate made that choice for them. The couple had dinner a few hours earlier in a restaurant in the Marais district of Paris, not far from his home, where he had his habits. Jean Teulé delights in the meatballs from the house he adores. An evening could not be more banal for the lovebirds who do not suspect that they are living their last hours together.

As reported Paris Match, the course of Miou-Miou and Jean Teulé will change. Victim of food poisoning the day after this meal, the novelist goes to the emergency room. His stay in the hospital does not last forever: “Sent home, he doesn’t feel any better. And on the night of Monday 17 to Tuesday 18, it was in the arms of Miou-Miou that he died of cardiac arrest following intoxication“, we learn in the pages of the weekly.

In the middle of the night, Miou-Miou said goodbye to the one she loved so much and of whom she did not expect to be deprived so prematurely. Jean Teulé dies at the age of 69. The actress, film star The Derobade for which she won the César for best actress, lived the last seconds of her man’s life as closely as possible. Despite : “The actress barely has time to call for help. The man of her third life died in front of her, suddenly.” An investigation was opened to determine the precise causes of the death of the writer.

Miou-Miou can count on the entourage of those closest to him, including his daughters Angèle and Jeanne, the fruits of his love with Patrick Dewaere and Julien Clerc, to face this new ordeal that life has put across his path and “try to make him admit the unacceptable” Jean Teulé, who “made me laugh so much“his companion Miou-Miou according to the words of their mutual friend Philippe Geluck, makes her, in spite of himself, cry a lot now…

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