iOS tip: how to quickly copy and paste items between your Apple devices?

On TikTok, surprised users have discovered a new way to copy and paste elements (text, links, photos) from one device to another.

And if the technique is nothing new, it remains fun and more playful to use than the classic methods that we all know (namely selecting the text or the photo, and pressing copy then paste).

To test this trick, which Apple calls the “universal clipboard”, know first of all that your devices must absolutely be linked to the same Apple account. It works between iPhone, iPad and Mac. Then, “Handoff” must be activated on your devices. To do this, simply go to the settings, then to General > AirPlay and Handoff > and activate Handoff.

Once enabled on each device, make sure you are on the same WiFi network and have Bluetooth enabled. You can then copy and paste in the classic way, or, for a “Wow” effect, pinch the element to be copied with three fingers, and release them on the other device.

And as you can see from these videos, it really works. Provided you have a device that is not too old (that is to say, no iPhone later than 5, in particular).

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