iOS 16: Apple Confirms Battery Percentage Isn’t Displaying on Some Face ID iPhones

During the beta cycle, Apple had reserved a surprise for iOS 16 users: the arrival of the battery percentage display in the status bar of iPhones with notch. Finally, some iPhone with notch, as we had quickly noticed. Now that iOS 16 is available in final version, Apple confirms that this new option is not available on four iPhone Face ID: iPhone XR, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 13 mini.

iOS 16 allows battery percentage to be displayed within battery icon on most iPhone Face ID

On the iPhone mini, this absence is not surprising. It is already not always easy to read the percentage in the battery icon on an iPhone X or other, so imagine a little on the small screen of an iPhone mini.

On the iPhone XR and iPhone 11, the explanation is undoubtedly in the resolution of their screen. They have a resolution of 326 dpi, when all the other Face ID iPhones have a resolution of more than 400 dpi (and OLED panels). Apple must have decided that the 326 dpi wasn’t enough to clearly display the small number in the battery icon.

The battery percentage display on a charging iPhone X. It’s tight.

Given the real enthusiasm for this comprehensive indicator (80% of you prefer to always have the exact percentage in front of you), there will be some disappointments among owners of XRs, 11s and minis. Remember that you can still know the exact percentage on these models (and others) by simply opening the control center.


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