Interoception, the meaning of life

Sight, touch, hearing, smell and taste… But there is also a sixth sense: interoception. How did we find out?

Perception is not only turned towards the outside world. When you feel your heart beating, or your stomach knotting, you are demonstrating a skill called interoception. Our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors are shaped, in part, by these internal signals that come from our body. A physiological self-awareness that makes us “viscerally conscious” beings.

Interoception: the meaning of life

We are pleased to receive Catherine Tallon Baudryresearcher in neuroscience at the Cognitive and Computational Neuroscience Laboratory (Inserm/ENS/PSL) and CNRS 2021 silver medal and Henry Evrardlaboratory researcher at the International Center for Primate Brain Research in Shanghai, and at the Max Planck Institute and the Werner Reichardt Center in Tübingen.

Today’s report

Meeting with Liane Schmidt, Inserm researcher at the Brain Institute where she co-directs the “Cognitive control – interoception – attention” team. What links can be established between obesity and interoception? By Antoine Beauchamp:

Documentary resources

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