Incident live this morning on CNews between Pascal Praud and Yann Moix: “You’re going to stop yelling at me! Now that’s enough!” – VIDEO

This morning, Pascal Praud presented live “L’heure des pros” on CNews. During the program, a tense exchange took place between the journalist and Yann Moix after the broadcast of an extract from Eric Zemmour’s speech held yesterday afternoon when the politician mentioned the soaring price of oil. ‘electricity.

“He is right about nuclear power and he automatically proves himself wrong by going back to his old anti-European fads. It’s absurd, he shoots himself in the foot all by himself”, declared the writer before Pascal Praud resumes: “Frankly, we must stop talking. In fact, he does not say that. He says that if we had a French nuclear strategy we would not be there. Who will dispute that?”.

“You are in the wall and you continue!” Continued the journalist. “I didn’t come here to be yelled at, okay? Stop yelling at me!” Yann Moix replied. “I’m not yelling at you Yann,” said the journalist. “I’m not a Zemmourian, I’m not a Zemmourologist. I didn’t come here to advertise Eric Zemmour. Stop yelling at me!” Added the writer.

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