In this restaurant in Cannes, you can eat a pizza sandwich

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Tu bite, you crack!” This is the slogan of Street by Regina, the new restaurant on rue Bivouac-Napoléon, about its star sandwich: the panuozzo. Che cosa è?

“It’s a pizza dough that you fold into a triangle (a bit like for the calzone) and that you can garnish inside with burrata, pesto genovese and all kinds of Italian flavors”describes Ahmed Ben Soltana, manager and cook of the establishment.

Fresh and quality products that he brings directly from Italy (“with us, there is no freezing”), but the flavor and originality of this fashionable sandwich sweet life largely lies in its dough, and not just any dough!

Because the Street by Regina is a street food version, fast and sharing” from the pizza place Regina di Napoli, which was already all the rage on avenue Monte-Carlo, at La Bocca.

Where Farid Seghari, 2018 French champion trained by the best transalpine pizzaiolos, watches over the stoves like his cherubs: the flour is ground with natural stone, semi-integral with a cereal mix, and fermented for no less than 48 hours to be both crispy and soft.

Soon the Italian burger?

At the Street, the panuozzo is Mediterranean with tuna and mashed vegetables; salad-style raw with bresaola and a parmesan crumble; Tuscan vegetarian with artichoke cream and grilled eggplant; diabolical with its grilled peppers and spicy sausage, mixed with its kefta meat; Nordic with its smoked salmon and kaffir lime or gourmet with its pistachio cream and mortadella.

On the terrace or in the cozy dining room to the muted musical background of Toto Cutugno or Eros Ramazzotti, you can also opt for the foccaccia to share on a board, decorated according to the regional tastes of La Botte. Same for charcuterie, unless you opt more lightly for a burrata salad with its small datterino tomatoes, or the pasta of the day according to the chef’s inspiration. But anyway, we can be sure that the dish will be tasty and hearty!

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The sweet touch is not forgotten with the tiramisu della mamma or the return of the panuozzo, this time stuffed with Nutella and banana.

Ahmed does not intend to stop there: “I want to create a service street by night with delivery Uber Eats until 1 a.m., and launch a range of burgers… But with homemade bread and always Italian products!”

The Street by Regina, 24 rue Bivouac Napoleon in Cannes. Tel.: 06 63 51 83 37


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