in Edinburgh, the proclamation of King Charles III disrupted by republicans

“Republic Now!” : the cry that erupted from the crowd contrasts with the ceremonial of the day. Like yesterday in London, the Scots had an appointment in the heart of Edinburgh, at Mercat Cross, at the foot of Saint-Gilles Cathedral, for the official announcement of the proclamation of Prince Charles as King Charles III.

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Like the day before in the British capital, several hundred people made the trip to attend the proclamation of the new sovereign – a historic event, since it had not happened for 70 years and the accession to the throne of Elizabeth II. As in London, the qualities of the late queen were praised, and her love for Scotland. As in London, the merits of a monarchy which continues, and which will certainly be able to adapt, were extolled. As in London, criticism of the now King Charles III was brushed aside, believing that he had had time to prepare and that he would know how to be there.

And then, not like in London, a small grain of sand slipped into the perfectly oiled machine of this ceremony which, by recording the death of Elizabeth II and the accession to the throne of her eldest son, demonstrates all the continuity of the Crown. This little grain of sand is first of all flags and placards, few in number, that we saw rising in the crowd. “Let’s abolish the monarchy!” Where “Republic now!” began to provoke the first murmurs in the crowd. A woman was also exfiltrated by the police after holding up her sign. But it was at the end of the ceremony that the Scottish Republicans made the most noise. They booed in salutes to the king before shouting a few slogans at the end of the national anthem.

“We have a head of state who is not elected and a prime minister who has not been elected either”, criticizes Collner. This 26-year-old young activist, committed to an independent and republican Scotland since 2012 and the country’s first independence referendum, “don’t want to leave the impression that everyone would be okay with what’s going on”. That’s why we had to be here today according to him. An opinion shared by Paul, 62, for whom “the monarchy is obsolete”. He cites in passing the cases in which the members of the royal family are involved, in particular the accusations of sexual assault concerning Prince Andrew. “It’s time to move on”he assures.

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But hearing their speeches, the reactions of their neighbors are not very positive. Some speak of a disgrace and sharply criticize their action in “this day of mourning”. “It’s unworthylaunches another, disrespectful! Now really isn’t the time.” Collner replies: “With you, it’s never the time!” According to him, we have been witnessing for a few days “to monarchical propaganda everywhere”that it was important to “offset”.

If the militants were really few compared to the crowd present this Sunday in Edinburgh, this illustrates on the other hand the renewed hope of the republicans who are counting on the less great popularity of Charles to swell their ranks and, one day perhaps to be, to achieve their ends.

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