In Chartres, a gigantic Gallo-Roman sanctuary

The archaeologists discovered a magnificent marble step basin, which testifies to the finesse of the work of the craftsmen of the time. Department of Archeology of Chartres Métropole

STORY – More than a decade of excavations has unearthed an incredible archaeological site. The ancient city had one of the largest sanctuaries known to date.

The excavations had been going on for a decade. At the end of September, the archaeologists will fold up their equipment, fill in the remains and devote themselves exclusively to writing. “There is always something frustrating about completing a dig, says Emmanuel Bouilly, archaeologist at the archeology department of Chartres Métropole. But we are still happy to move on to the work of analysis. On the one hand, because the body begins to tire, but also, and above all, because there is a lot to study!»

We are in the Saint-Brice district, not far from the city center of Chartres. It is on this bare ground, wedged between a rugby stadium, the Eure and the Saint-Martin-au-Val church, that in the 1990s, the municipality planned to install a whole new district with its dwellings, his crèche, as well as an Olympic swimming pool… The law does not yet oblige him to do so, but an archaeological diagnosis has been organised. It reveals the high potential of the place, with the presence of an incredible…

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